Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shakara Meets WIZKID!

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This is WizKid & Skales first time to Canada. The press conference though slated for 7.00 p.m. did not start until 9:15 p.m. but it was well worth the wait!

Clad in a red T-shirt [with a small animal print patch pocket] and a pair of blue jeans; Wizkid looked both casual and CHIC. His signature shades, no surprise, stayed on all night.

He confessed that he'd been looking forward to touring Toronto and made sure to thank his fans for his continued success.

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun a.k.a Wizkid, is an incredibly talented artist from Nigeria. Since the release of his debut album Superstar last year, the 23 year old has won a MOBO award, BET award [Best International Act, 2012] and signed with AKON’s Konvict Music!

He is also the official brand ambassador to Pepsi in Africa, as well as Nigerian Breweries along side Tuface and D’Banj.

Since I only had 5 minutes with him to talk one-on-one these where the questions I asked... 

Shakara Natural Tips: What was the first album you ever bought?
"Superstar.” WizKid replied. Maybe he thought I asked: What was the name of the first album you ever dropped.

Being a hair & style blog, I also had to ask if his music inspires his haircut and fashion style. The young star politely replied,  “Not really, I like to be comfortable so I wear mostly hoodies.

In any case, we think he has the complete package...youth, voice, looks,  and HAIR! and depicts these effortlessly.

Peep pictures and US/Canada tour dates below:

Wiz kid tour dates:
July 21 – Vancouver, Canada – presented by Microbell Entertainment
July 28 – NYC (Banky W/Wizkid/Skales/Rotimi) Presented EME and Audacyti Ent
July 29 – Providence, Rhode Island – A charity event presented by HP Family Entertainment
Aug 10 – Mpls (Wizkid/Skales/Rotimi) presented by AQ2 Ent
Aug 11 – Calgary (Wizkid/Skales) presented by Microbell Ent
Aug 17 – Oakland, California (Wizkid/Skales/Rotimi) presented by Royal Entertainment. **NEW!!!**
Aug 18 – Atlanta (Banky W/Wizkid/Skales/Rotimi/XO) presented by EME, Konvict, Mr DeJaVu.
Aug 25 – Washington DC (Banky W/Wizkid/Skales/Rotimi/XO) Presented by EME
Sept 1 – Chicago (Banky W/Wizkid/Skales/Rotimi/XO) presented by EME and Afrobeat Productions
Sept 2 – NYC/NEA (Banky W/Wizkid/Skales/Rotimi/XO)[Source]


Sheryl Marcil & France Brisson of Xclusive Entertainment, Shakara, and OzeethaBoss [2012 AE Award Nominee]

Skales & WizKid

Microbell Media Group

Skales & Shakara & Wizkid, posing with Himba bracelets courtesy of Nharo!

Shakara & WizKid
Check out the autograph Wizkid signed for my cousin Tokie Adebiyi!
Much appreciated.

Photographer: Kokumo Olajide


  1. Thanks sooooooo much for the autograph Wizzy baby it's greatly appreciated!!! As soon as you land in Calgary we're getting married so brace yourself xoxoxo

    1. LOL You are too much Tokie! enjoy!!!

    2. She is too much...But I like her dreams, it means nothing is toooooo much to aim for, Right?

  2. This is awesome sis. I must admit I had no idea who they were, but I'm going to look them up...lol. You looked great, I loved your outfit :)

    1. Thanks Vee! yes look them up, it's nice to see young people making a difference. Youtube some of his videos "tease me," "Pakurumo," and my current fav with Bracket "Girl."
      WizKid is big in Africa and the UK, we're hoping he can build a solid brand in North America as well! :)

  3. Oh this looked like so much fun. I check them out - wow - I really hope they make it in the US - it would be nice to hear them on the radio!
    BTW - you looked GREAT - the hair - the dress!! Gorgeous!

    1. Thanks so much Daphne! much appreciated!! yes it would be great to hear them on radio, wishing them much success.