Thursday, March 29, 2012

Giveaway Alert! Win Dudu Osun black soap


Shakara Natural Tips has hit 200 followers on FB, so as promised, we are doing another giveaway!   Win a 6 pack of  Dudu Osun (African black soap, handmade in Nigeria, value $30) by telling us:

When did you go natural and why?
Simply leave your comment below!

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1 lucky winner will be selected by random selection. This contest runs for 1 week, entry ends Wednesday April 4th 11:59PM

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The Winner for my latest giveaway is Nikki Stelly!
Our winner Nikki was selected through! Congrats to Nikki for winning 6 bars of Dudu Osun black soap!!!! Please email your address to

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Itchy Scalp...Bald Patches?

I've  blogged about a hair spritz I use regularly here, but of late I’ve also been using another recipe, at least for the past 3-4 weeks. It has become a tried-and-tested favourite!

I stumbled upon this recipe after watching a video from Trulynaturallycoiled, so you can say she's the inspiration behind this! The very next day I was at the Big Carrot {health food store} shopping for Calendula!

For as long as I can remember my scalp has always itched, of late not so much... after watching the video, I did some research and this is what I made: Hibiscus & Calendula Tonic! Enjoy :)

Ancient woman of India used Hibiscus extracts as hair treatments. Both the leaves and flowers of the tree are included in Ayurvedic therapy, and used in cosmetic formulations. The flowers and leaves contain many properties that benefit hair and scalp, and help in the treatment of dandruff and hair loss.

Hibiscus has a soothing and cooling action on the scalp. It is beneficial to those who suffer from the scalp condition seborrhea because of its astringent properties which help to reduce oil-gland secretions and excessive oiliness in the hair and scalp. Hibiscus also helps to reduce scaling, itching, and redness, and reduces clogged pores, thereby improving overall hair health.
Calendula officinalis, or marigold, has been used for medicinal
 purposes for centuries. Calendula contains a high amount of falconoids, which are plant-based antioxidants that protect the body against cell-damaging free radicals.
Calendula has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial effects, and Calendula powdered extract soothes irritated scalp, and improves the condition of the scalp. 

Calendula flowers & Hibiscus leaves can be steeped in boiling water overnight, strained and then used directly on your scalp as a final rinse and left in your hair.

Source: Thomas – Banks, Laquita. “Flowers for your hair and scalp.” November 10. 2011. Web. 20 February. 2012.

Recipe: Hibiscus & Calendula Hair Tonic
1 Quart of water
3 heaping tablespoons Organic Calendula whole flower
3 heaping tablespoons Organic Hibiscus flower (fair trade)
5 drops pure rosemary oil, tea tree oil, castor oil & vitamin e oil.

  1. Fill a large pot with water
  2. Cover the pot & bring the water to a boil on high heat, then turn the heat down to low and simmer for 1 hour to get rid of impurities. (Check regularly to make sure the water is not boiling away.
  3. Remove the water from the heat, add Calendula, hibiscus leaves & essential oils. Stir to blend.
  4. Replace lid and let the mixture steep to cool.
  5. Pour liquid into a glass jar and store in a cool place for up to 1 week before using.
  6. Strain leaves before putting into spay bottle to avoid clogging.

Happy spritzing!