Monday, December 19, 2011

Natural and Loving it!

I’ve always been vain and I care a lot about the way my hair and skin look. To be completely honest, my culture and background do not help! Nigerian women are beautiful with flawless radiant skin, and they put a lot of effort into their outward appearance.

Since I am Nigerian, what can I say; my appearance comes first!

However, in the past 2 years things have changed, especially after meeting my husband, he’s an advocate for natural beauty. But what is natural beauty?

Back home, in Africa, I was brought up with hair extensions, relaxers, and numerous cosmetic lines to “maintain” my complexion. In fact, if one did not use hair extensions you were considered a “villager” or  “bush.”

As a moisturizer, I remember on occasion my mum brought home Shea butter, but we mostly used Vaseline petroleum jelly. Then, during my teen years I even tried Skin Success [whatever possessed me???]

Twice a week, I will blog about my journey, one that involves using natural God given products. I will alternate between the hair and the skin, highlighting the need to quit depending on commercial products that do not only harm and destroy our hair and skin, but may also contain potential health risks.

Generally, I find natural products are inexpensive, they may not work as well as some of the other products you are using immediately, but with time you will see a difference.

Lastly, one piece of advice: before buying anything read the ingredients. If there is anything you can’t pronounce, drop it. Research, research and research because this will empower you in making informed choices. We recently visited family for Christmas holidays in Guelph and Waterloo, and I needed to clean my face, travelling sometimes disrupts one’s routine; I stopped at Shoppers drug mart and decided to get face wipes. Face wipes right? That should be easy...
Typically I picked up a few brands and began reading the ingredients, they were unbelievably unpronounceable! I settled for a box of baking soda and 100% cotton exfoliating pads, a much better and healthier option.

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